Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Virginia HERE I AM

Virginia HERE I AM 


Along the Roller Coaster

Bears Den Hostel

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Virginia Here I Come ...

Virginia Here I Come ...

As I leave Harpers Ferry I cross the Shenandoah River Bridge (north end) and within a few miles will be in Virginia!

Shenandoah River Bridge 

Shenandoah National Park 

I would love to sit here and explore what Virginia promises. However I think I will get my pack and head out. The only way to really know. Ha ha

Blackburn AT Center

Clean spacious bunks with table for breakfast buffet
Breakfast Buffet

Maybe the best wood stove fire ever!
Thanks to The Trail Boss!

Stopped at Gas Station 300 yds off the trail and purchased a philly cheese steak so good I got one to go for supper. This is the bag with Supper! Put it on the wood stove and heated the insides and toasted the bun.  Yum Yum Yum 

Our Heavenly Father is merciful and gracious beyond compare!

Harpers Ferry West Virginia

AT Maine to Georgia Winter Thru-hiker Photo at ATC
Harpers Ferry 

High Street - Harpers Ferry West Virginia

It's a nice comfortable bed in a huge 3rd floor room
A Warm Welcome at Town's Inn

Mighty good meal - special order
Cleaned my plate and bowl

High Street view from dinner table on porch

6 AM special Breakfast at Town's Inn

Jefferson Rock on AT on my way out of town
Shenandoah River Bridge - AT on the left 

ATC visit

Lovely people

Bob's Dairyland coming up in Tennessee!

Maryland was interesting

Maryland was interesting

Mason Dixon Line

Several half way marks 

Mount Washington Monument

Christmas Day and they were closed

Gathland State Park - Welcome!

900 Arnoldstown Rd, Jefferson, MD 21755

Christmas Day hike and overnight in picnic shelter. NO CAMPING so I had an all-night picnic and slept in the stone fireplace on the grill. Nice

Christmas Night sleeping on the grill

Stone Fireplace with grill - notice the picnic table turned on edge to keep me from falling off the grill

The End - Nice Porta Jon at Gathland State Park

Pennsylvania was kind to me

Pennsylvania was kind to me

229.3 miles in Pennsylvania

The Trail 

501 Tavern & Grill - this was an ADVENTURE

$70 burger - well worth the time and money

Road Hawg BBQ Ribs - before

Road Hawg Ribs - after

Road Hawg - Satisfied Hungry Hiker

On the way from Carlise PA to Boiling Springs PA

Boiling Springs Tavern - nice people and good food

Pic with Bully at Boiling Springs Tavern

Breakfast at Allenberry

Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse

AT Musem - Pine Grove State Park

Benny's Italian - Fayetteville Pennsylvania


Flamingo Restaurant Fayetteville PA

very nice cheese omlette at The Flamingo

Loaded for Bear

Lunch Buffet at shelter along the way

Spaghetti Meatballs & Sausage at Benny's Italian
my second day in a row to eat this delicious food

My daily Werther's - thx Bo

I'll fill in some details when I can