Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day of Rest and Update as of Mile 345.4

Today I am resting and refreshing at Highland Center Lodge, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire. First shower in several days! 

Having a most blessed adventure. Meeting so many interesting people and seeing Maine and New Hampshire up close. Many stories to tell. I do have pics when I can get to a real computer.

The most beautiful hiking weather Imaginable. Truly blue sky today without a cloud. Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout my time on the AT. No rain since Monday September 14th. 

The leaves are beginning to turn. Pine needles falling on trail. 

Maine is beautiful and BIG and remote. Many many many streams and lakes and mountains and wildlife. The vegetation is lush. Lots of mOOse ... Didn't see one in Maine. Hope to see one in New Hampshire.

I am in New Hampshire .. Mile 345.4 hiking through the Presidential Range of the White Mountains
This week the list included
Mt. Carter
Mt. Madison
Mt. Adams
Mt. Washington
Mt. Franklin
Mt. Pierce
Mt. Jackson
Mt. Webster

Recent overnights at these AMC Huts ... Lots of fun times ( Thru Hiker work for stay experiences )
Carter Notch Hut
Madison Spring Hut
Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Mizpah Spring Hut

I am one of the last Southbound Thru Hikers SOBOs as I started August 10th with a completion target date of January 28th 2016. Looking to make my way through the North before Winter and find a way to negotiate the Smoky Mountain cold and snow. Having a FUN time and enjoying each day one day at a time :D

Our Heavenly Father is merciful and gracious beyond compare!

^^ountain ^^an

Friday, September 11, 2015

Andover ME - mail overnight wash dry out post office resupply ..

Thursday night cowboy camped in light rain somewhere between Bemis Mtn and Elephant Mtn. Mile 240 ish. No room to pitch tent. Not too wet and still warm enough to be comfortable. Hiked over Old Blue Mtn to South Arm Road this AM. Wet and rocky and s t e e p down to road and river crossing. Got a hitch into Andover ME. Almost got a ride the wrong way to some campground. Lady stopped and asked if I was going to campground or town :/) Took my wet shoes and socks off and ate lunch on side of road waiting for someone going into town. Very few cars on this road. Picked up bounce box and got a shuttle to The Cabins hiker hostel to wash clothes, dry sleeping bag etc. sort and pack food sleep tonight and back to South Arm Road to continue South. Mile 246.8. Relatively easy ten mile day tomorrow then it gets tough again. Maine New Hampshire state line is 281.8. I'm going to miss Maine! Maine and New Hampshire are two toughest states "they say."

Next Mail drop Gorham New Hampshire 03581

^^ountIn ^^an

Monday, September 7, 2015

Looks like a great day for fishing! ~ ~ ~><> ~~~~

Up at the crack of dawn ready for breakfast and hitch into town to get mail / bounce box shop for resupply and hit the trail. Reasonable plan considering the Postal Clerk in Stratton assured me my bounce box will be in Rangeley Post Office by Monday.  NO PROBLEM 

TODAY is Labor Day ... the Post Office is CLOSED

Looks like a great day for fishing! ~ ~ ~><> ~~~~ 


Sunday, September 6, 2015

^^ountain ^^an and the Three Bears

Hiking the AT from Caratunk ME. Stopped by Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps to see if Tim may have a fishing guide available. Also interested in a meal and overnight stay.Tim had told me he may be away and to stop by the Lodge. When I arrived there was no sign of anyone. I had some flyers I was asked to deliver from another business. I went inside, signed the register, left the flyers and took a look around. WOW what a 'Lodge'! This place is backwoods and clean as a pin. nice! This is the place that does the hiker pancake breakfast and offers other lodging, meals as well as guide services. I just couldn't resist making myself lunch in this fantastic kitchen while I waited to see if anyone shows up. I really want to catch some fish up here. Well I fix my lunch and sit by the window and admire the waterfall view and listen to the rushing water from the stream below. Reminds me of the Three Bears story. I did clean up after myself and leave a bar of chocolate in appreciation. No I didn't nap! well    ~ until I found a sandy beach up the trail along a lake ~

Blessings Indeed!
 ^^ountain  ^^an 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

UPDATED Week of August 31st - September 6th UPDATED

Here is a brief update ...  UPDATED SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 6th 

Monday August 31st

Kennebec River crossing 151.5 
Lunch break @ Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps 154.8
West Carry Pond Lean-to 165.2

Tuesday September 1st
West Carry Pond Lean-to 165.2 
Safford Notch Campsite 177.8
Ready to go over Bigelows

Wednesday September 2nd

Safford Notch Campsite 177.8
Over the Bigelows
2000 mile point
I now have less than 2000 miles to Springer Mtn
Maine Hwy 27 188.2
Hitch to town
White Wolf Inn
Wolf Burger conquered

Thursday September 3rd

Looney MOOse breakfast

Friday September 4th 

Hitch to trailhead with US Customs Border Patrol ( he is on way home from work and tells me Stratton, ME is 29 miles from Canadian border!!!)  Three weeks on the trail and I am 29 miles from Canada !!!  
Maine Hwy 27 188.2
North Crocker mountain 193.4
South Crocker mountain 194.4
South Branch Carrabassett River ford 196.6
Sugarloaf mountain 198.7
Spaulding Mountain Lean-to ( 3140' 201.7 )

Saturday September 5th

Spaulding Mountain Lean-to ( 3140' 201.7 )
Popular Ridge (2960' estimate ) 
Lone Mountain ( 3260' ) 203.9
Saddleback Junior ( 3655' ) 211.1
Saddleback Mountain (4120' ) 214.7
 arrived just at sunset

No time, light, energy to hike 4 miles down the steep rocky mountain trail to Piazza Rock Lean-to so I made my way to the South side of Saddleback  peak above the treeline and put down my mat and sleeping bag on a mossy area beside the AT.  I ate my two zip lock bags of Cheetos and one of my two Reece's Pieces packs. Once I got settled I enjoyed the beauty of God's heavens. The sky is black and there are so many stars I cannot pick out familiar constellations.  The Milky Way is in full display. When I woke during the night I just wanted to take one more look. The moon began to pass overhead. Brilliant!. How many times will I be in Maine on top of a mountain on such a clear night?  

Sunday September 6th

woke up to this beautiful view from my sleeping bag

Hiked to Maine Hwy 4 Sunday AM
Hitched a ride to Farmhouse Inn for rest of day. Professional poet / graduate professor at U Florida. Lives in Maine when not at UF.Interesting
Going in to Rangeley for Post Office Monday AM and then back on AT.
Next section is only 13 miles to Oquossoc, Maine. I may take two days. Looks like ponds for swimming and fishing. The past sections have been strenuous and there are even more difficult days coming sOOn!

^^ountain ^^an