Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Update from Dalton Massachusetts


New Hampshire

More than 600 miles hiked
Almost 1600 miles to Springer Mountain Georgia.

New York
New Jersey
West Virginia
North Carolina


Stockbridge Massachusetts
Norman Rockwell Museum

New York City

Mount Greylock

I can spell MASS ACHU SETTS it is a beautiful place

I can spell MASS ACHU SETTS it is a beautiful place

I am sitting in The Dalton Restaurant ( bakery & coffee shop side )

Millions of things to share .. Pictures & stories galore. Someday 

Stayed in a WWII era shelter on top of Mt Greylock ( built for US military during WWII ski training )

Got up and out in time for sunrise.

Hiked from Greylock to Dalton yesterday.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Bennington Vermont overnight - Manchester Center - headed for Williamstown Mass

In Bennington Vermont overnight headed for Williamston Mass

Yes ... 12ish miles to Mass ( can you spell ) I cannot

Great overnight in Bennington Vermont! Met some FUN people at Ramunno's.   This is where Kelsey's friend put $40.00 on the bar for my beer.  When I let them know I would only be having one they said this is for your beer down the trail !!!!! thank you !

Kelsey & ^^ountain ^^an at Ramunno's  .. 

Kelsey was TWO much FUN!  It's tough being the only thru-hiker in town .. I  sure hope the bubble appreciates me following along behind and caring for all this attention he he he 

Can you spell enamored?

Bennington is town that I discovered I had left my Mermot rain jacket hanging on a tree limb about 1/2 mile back UP UP UP the trail when I stopped to take a dump 200' from the trail. I paid the hotel desk clerk to drive me back to the trailhead that night and night hiked 1/2 mile back UP UP UP the trail to get my jacket and back DOWN DOWN DOWN to the vehicle waiting for me.  At this point I discovered I had lost my MANE ball cap somewhere UP UP UP or DOWN DOWN DOWN the trail while going for my jacket. Well I could not justify leaving my MANE ball cap without an attempt to find it. We have been through many many many adventures at this point. However I decided this could wait until daylight due to trying to find it in the dark with a headlight.  Sooooo next morning when I returned to the trailhead to continue South I took the time to go UP UP UP and found my MANE ball cap and came back DOWN DOWN DOWN and then UP UP UP the other side on my way to Spruce Peak Cabin.

An incredible visit in Manchester Center Vermont. Homemade fried apple pie THANK YOU Zohie = sweetest hitch / trail angel EVER she had an eight-hour drive ahead of her and she turned around and came back and gave me a ride into town and made sure I got where I wanted to be. Absolutely refused money!  When I got in the car she gave me homemade fried apple pie that her mother made ( for her to eat on  her trip I suppose ) .. well she insisted and I ate the entire pie! OMG is was sooooooooo gooooooood  REAL FRIED APPLE PIE with the perfect black burn marks ! I would marry her mother just for her fried apple pie he he he

1964 time warp. 

Met this sweet girl and her mom in Manchester Center, Vermont
I was in high school in 1964 and she is in prep school in 2015. 

FUN with Switchback Beer Rep Maegan at the Firefly Restaurant on Burger Beer Special Night .. She was having beef tenderloin medallions and fries ...

October 19th 2015 Firefly restaurant Manchester Center VT Maegan the Switchback Beer Rep sitting beside me eating at the bar let me finish her beef tenderloin dinner ... just offered me her plate and silverware AND then after I ordered and ate she paid for my burger and beer! thx Maegan (Switchback)!!

ok .. wait to you hear about my overnight!  The hot water knob in the shower was broken and I was instructed to use a screwdriver to adjust the water.  this is only the tip of the story ha ha ha ha

drinking glass .. wall socket .. furniture .. stairwell .. dounuts save the day!

Headed to Wal-Mart and back to trail. ( boooorrrrrring ! )  actually never made it to Wal-Mart ha ha ha

LOTS of heart warming stories to tell.

Record COLD 17 degree night with SNOW

Record COLD 17 degree night with SNOW

Got to test my COLD weather preparedness.

Sleeping bag was toasty .. Hard to get out in the am. 

BIC lighters do not work at this temperature.

Water bottles freeze duh

Shoes freeze and take a bit to get going. My trail runners warmed up pretty fast.

More latr

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Watching the Weather - 🏃🏾

Weather for Rutland, VT

10-Day Forecast:
Mostly Cloudy 38° / 23°
Precip: 10%

Sunny 46° / 35°
Precip: 0%

Showers 57° / 38°
Precip: 70%

Cloudy 55° / 42°
Precip: 20%

Showers 57° / 38°
Precip: 60%

Partly Cloudy 49° / 30°
Precip: 10%

Mostly Sunny 56° / 36°
Precip: 10%

PM Showers 59° / 41°
Precip: 50%

Partly Cloudy 53° / 35°
Precip: 20%

Partly Cloudy 52° / 36°
Precip: 10%

For more weather information, visit www.weather.com from your PC or mobile device.

Bill Knox
^^ountain ^^an

Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm in VERMONT .. More than FIVE HUNDRED MILES hiked!

I'm in VERMONT .. More than FIVE HUNDRED MILES hiked!

Just came in to Rutland Vermont for overnight and resupply.

Soooooo MUCH to catch up on. Stories galore. Blessings Indeed!!!

Catching up backwards

Don't let me forget to tell you about
Do you have a drivers license
Coffee and a biscuit
Jo Mary hitch
Katahdin Iron Works food drop
Rangley overnight
Warren van shuttle
Elm Street bananas
Dan & Whitt's
Many many more ...

Friday hike from Governor Clement Shelter to Vermont 103. Hitch to Rutland with three nice hippie carpenter dudes. Interesting!

Mt Killington summit Thursday. Cool steep beautiful view. Big hiking day to Governor Clement Shelter. Met up with four other AT hikers that I had met before. Had a good time getting caught up and building a fire in the shelter fireplace. Rain most of night and early Friday am.

Wednesday sunrise at The Lookout. ( working on way to post pictures ) hike to Kent Pond. Overnight at Mountain Meadows Lodge

Tuesday visit Woodstock Vermont resupply breakfast at The Creamery ( omelette Vermont cheadar cheese, homemade sausage, and Vermont apples. WOW Mile high apple pie with Vermont cheadar cheese for desert. Hike to The Lookout. Meet Hawaii and share some fun time. Spectacular Sunrise from atop The Lookout.

Monday ( Columbus Day ) hike with Break Time and Forest. Young couple from Alaska doing big miles. We stopped at dark beside a river and camped in the woods. AM coffe and toast and baked beans with Jim Woods in West Norwich. It's a great story!!!

Sunday hike from Hanover NH across Connecticut River into Vermont. Two states completed!

So many great stories to tell. Need to get to a computer. Pictures as well.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Franconia Ridge

Greenleaf Hut in center on way up Mt Lafayette

RAIN, WIND Mt Lafayette and Franconia Ridge

Well I got caught up on rain this week. Hiked in rain all day Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was an adventurous hike from Galehead Hut to Greenleaf Hut by way of Mt Lafayette. I made it to the Mt Lafayette summIt above tree line with rain and strong winds that had me hunkering down amongst the rocks to catch my breath! My pack rain cover blew off never to be seen again. My destination for the day was Greenleaf Hut which means hiking to the Mt Lafayette summit and then 1.1 miles off the AT down the rocks to the Greenleaf Hut. And back up 1.1 M. What an adventure! So glad to get inside and hang my wet everything including my pack. I did have a dry bag with my dry Tshirt second pair of socks and PJ pants down jacket and sleeping bag. Everything else was wet. Humbling! 

The next day was clearing by 10 am and I hiked back to the Mt Lafayette Summit and on to Franconia Ridge to Franconia Notch. Beautiful area with 360 view for a couple of miles along the ridge.

Today I am resting at The Notch Hostel, N Woodstock New Hampshire. Got off the AT at Franconia Notch M 373 and walked .8 M to Liberty Springs trailhead parking with two day hikers that gave me a ride to Lincoln NH next to N Woostock NH. After inquiring as to the beat burger in town I walked one mile to Black Mtn. Burgers for a delicious cheese burger. Hitched a ride to River Banks Motel for overnight. 

Seems funny to be somewhere outside of Maine.

The leaves are rapidly turning red, yellow and orange. Fall is here in New Hampshire. Rain and now some cooler days and nights. Today is clear and the short term forecast continues to be mostly clear.

I have completed the President Range of the White Mountains. North and South Kinsmen and Mt Moosilauke remain. I should get these within a few days.

I am getting close to Vermont, the third state for SOBO Thru Hikers.

Recent overnights at these AMC Huts ... Work for stay continues to be available and a blessing ( humbling ). Meeting some most gracious and considerate young people. 

Zealand Falls Hut
Galehead Hut
Greenleaf Hut

Our Heavenly Father is merciful and gracious beyond compare!

^^ountain ^^an