Thursday, April 21, 2016

DAMASCUS - Lazy Fox - Mojo's - Hey Joe's - BoBo's

Bonnie AND "Clyde" Hey Joe's Damascus VA

Ed, Thanks for the late night food and the Jimi Hendrix concert!

^^ountain ^^an '48

Ms Ginny's Country Breakfast ... You have to be there to appreciate!

Ms Ginny

Only one thing sweeter than a Mojo's "Wipe Out" ...

"TIFFANY" whoooo ha  s-w-e-e-t heart !

Erin, come back to Greenville sOOn ! (((HUGS)))


Mary and Jerry .. hope to see you again soon! Let me know when you come to Greenville

Swamp Rabbit Trail

Thanks for the Blueberry !

Hamburger Steak Mashed Potatoes and Slaw 

at BOBO McFarland's

Grayson Highlands State Park - Mount Rogers

Grayson Highlands State Park

Croc 'N' Roll 

Met this young man and his dad south of Kent Connecticut and again today along the trail in Grayson Highlands State Park

Lunch break at Thomas Knob Shelter - Mount Rogers

"CURLEY" Triple Crown Long Distance Hiker

On to Damascus - MOOSE

"MOOSE" from Fair Play SC 

"POPS" sweet PA girl

"CINNAMON"  Texas NOBO Thru-hiker!

"SISTER" Charlotte NC 

Green beginning to sprinkle the Virginia mountainside

DA Mas Cus