Saturday, April 9, 2016


sweet Jenny - The Home Place

Just Follow the White Blazes

Eastern Garter Snake - I'm thinking ??

SKUNK Campsite 

COLD Morning at SKUNK Campsite

NOBO "OTIS" the morning after his buddy "MONGO" got attached by a skunk that came into our campsite during the night and jumped on MONGO's back while he was sleeping on his "cot." Last time I saw MONGO he was in a man's truck we flagged down and headed for medical attention. You had to be there to appreciate the HUMOR!

COLD Morning at Sarver Hollow Shelter

KEEFER OAK - Oldest Oak along Southern AT 

KEEFER OAK - Oldest Oak along Southern AT 

NOBO  youngsters "SEEKER" Stone Mtn. GA - "LAST CHANCE" NH

NOBO "ROCKET" Alabama 

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