Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey Joe's - 2015 NOBO reunion + 2016 NOBO get to know you! + Woodchuck Hostel + Tweedy!

So I walk into Hey Joe's for dinner. This group says to me " hey, we know you! " what?? "we met you when we were finishing our 2015 NOBO Thru-hike and you were beginning your 2015 SOBO Winter Thru-hike August 2015!"
We agreed after seeing you with that big pack on the trail that day "that guy will never make it!"
They bought my dinner and gave me their telephone number to call should I need anything down the trail to finish!

^^ountain ^^an August 18th 2015 100 Mile Wilderness

2016 NOBO get to know you!



PIPPI & ^^ountain ^^an

Woodchuck Hostel

Tweedy + ^^ountain ^^an


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