U.S. 19E to Carver Gap ( In North Carolina for 1st time )

Kaleidoscope at Mountain Harbor


Right Lane & Tarzan 

Patriot | Hey Girl; Cowboy Camping at Overmountain Shelter

 ^^ Cowboy Camping at Overmountain Shelter 

 RAIN DANCE you are the Bomb !!

Sweet Visit with ECHO

Hannah | Karyn | ^^ountain ^^an

 Hannah | Jeff | Karyn

Jeff & Melissa Celebrating 32 Years of Marriage !

 Bob's Holy Cow Burger AND Fries !!! 

Way to GO Melissa & Jeff 

Sticks and Stones and Such my NOBO friends at Carver Gap

 Stones & ^^ountain ^^an

Stones getting a cell signal

 HEY GIRL !!!!  what a doll he he

Hey Girl | ^^ | Patriot | Hatchet

Chili Cheeseburger with Fresh Mushrooms 

If it seems like I like Bob's Dairyland ...  it's TRUE !!