DAY 49 - Made it to Gijón Spain ... Our Father Provided The WAY!

I walked out of OVIEDO SPAIN after a cup of café and walk thru town with Pilgrim from FRANCE and a delicious meal. Got some postcards on the way. Interesting walk not sure where or how I am going to end the day. No map or Camino GPS following yellow arrows that I hope will get me to CAMINO DEL NORTE along the Northern Coast of Spain somewhere near Gijón. Well the arrows turned away AND I found myself following google on a road walk. So here I am funneled onto an Interstate highway! Four KM or so I came to a gas stop similar to a rest area. Eleven miles of busy interstate with no exit in site to Gijón. I just can't go back on the Interstate so I try the AT Hitch from the rest fuel stop. These people all have no interest in being part of ^^ountain ^^an's day. I FINALLY get around to remembering and acknowledging how our Heavenly Father ALWAYS Provides and I ask for Him to Provide in a way that He Would be Glorified. WELL no one is stopping and THEN here is a van pulling over beside me, WHAT? WHO IS THIS?? The family that I met Wednesday on the Camino in the road by their house. The mom and daughter befriended me and we had Spanish / English conversation time. NOW here they ( DAD MOM TWIN Sisters ) are on their way to Gijón,  Where would you like to go? And they took me to the Albergue  of my choice in a VERY LARGE CITY! Our Heavenly Father continues to Provide & Protect. AND I will ALWAYS REMEMBER this sweet family!