OCT 29th Ornans TO Mouthier Haute‐ Pierre VF Day 43

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OCT 29th Ornans TO Mouthier Haute‐ Pierre  VF Day 43

Rainy day. Plan to walk to Mouthier Haute-Pierre. If Le Chavot is open for lunch I will get a pizza before heading out. Distance to Mouthier Haute-Pierre is about 13km.

Mouthier Haute‐ Pierre

OK .. you would not believe the accommodations for tonite. Kitchen, Den with sofa and chairs, Bedroom, Bathroom ( with bath tub) heaters, towels, bath soap, wash cloth, hair dryer, ... dinner with the family and breakfast ($45Eu) I know, what do I need with all this stuff. It is very nice and the people are nice. DID I MENTION really fast WiFi .. yes!

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